What is Total Customer Experience (TCE)?

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TCE WheelTCE Wheel

Once you have that word that conveys the emotion your experience will induce in your customers, effective delivery of the experience requires you look at every customer touchpoint, every engagement they have across the lifecycle of your solution. At HP we used a TCE wheel to capture the touchpoints and to purposely design how we could deliver our experience at every step.

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For example, a consumer electronics product bought off the shelves at Best Buy would have this list of touchpoints:

Or a B2B service provider might have these customer touchpoints:

The best thing about delivering an experience?  It is human centered, and no two organizations will deliver the same experience.  Which means that at the same time you are delighting your customers, you are securing differentiation that will be hard for your competitors to replicate.  The combination of unique DNA of your business delivering an lasting emotional connection?  Nobody can mess with that!


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