At Inceodia, we involve your entire organization in  human-centered innovation that meets customer needs, fits with your operational model and delivers long-term business value.  Here are the approaches and methodologies we use.

Change Management

We have never seen innovation without change.  And because change is hard, it is often approached with a short-term perspective.  Like pulling off a band-aide, it will hurt less if we change quickly, won’t it?  Yet this strategy only yields short term results. Then the excitement fades and the team slides back into the old way of working.

We approach change with a long-term, systematic approach.  We know that to be effective, change needs three components: a motivating vision, skills to be successful in the new environment and tools to make it easier than the old way.  We help you create this three-pronged strategy for organizational change, and provide a way to track progress so that you make small adjustments to stay on course.

Customer Discovery

As solution designers, we are full of ideas but rarely do we step back to discover whether we are actually solving the right problem.  We are anxious to show off our cool idea.  Yet observing customers with a beginner’s mind is actually the best way for us to design solutions for the problems that need our inventions the most.

Customer Discovery takes us into the field to observe our users in their own environment, experiencing the pains and joys of completing the tasks we want to help them with.  We ask them a lot questions:  Why do they do things the way they do?  What does success mean for them?  We go deep so that we can develop empathy.  We talk to outliers to find people who approach the task differently.  Mostly, we listen and seek to understand.

From these insights, we coalesce a list of pain points, potential problems we could solve.  And then we prioritize –   where do our customers need us the most and where can we deliver the most value?  From there we brainstorm – if we could solve that pain point, what would the ideal solution be?

Design Thinking

As strategists, we often think about our organization’s priorities from the inside out.  How do we impact our customers, competitors, the market?  Design Thinking challenges your organization to approach strategy differently, from the outside in.

Designers are problem solvers.  They ask, “what problems do our customers or the market expect us to solve?”  Bringing design thinking into your organization builds a culture of problem solvers.  And strategic decisions become easier to make – the decision that solves the biggest customer problem wins.

To build the Design Thinking muscle in your organization, we challenge you with divergent and convergent exercises that collect the data you need for strategic decisions.

Innovation Catalyst

Corporate innovation is less about finding the best ideas than it is about finding ideas that make sense. You need to make a fit of your operational capabilities with uniquely meeting customer needs.  To catalyze innovation, you need to define the sandbox that empowers your entire organization to discover and implement these ideas.

We dive deep into your brand promise, your organizational strengths and your market position to form the boundaries for your innovation sandbox.  We use customer data to understand how your customer views you.  We look at your standard operating procedures and ask which procedures facilitate innovation and which get in the way.  We help you envision a different approach. And then we help to implement a specific innovation to test and setup for continuous improvement.

Lean and Agile

Let’s face it, the days of multi-year solution development are long gone.  The 21st century expects us to quickly adjust to changing customer needs, technologies and market dynamics.  Lean and Agile incorporates customer validation and continuous improvement into the way you work.  It enables you to expect and welcome change rather than fear it.

We help you map your projects around a problem to be solved for the customer.  You will create short implementation cycles, delivering highest customer priority components first.  At the end of each cycle, you will check back with your customer. What value have you delivered?  What else is missing?  And we will help set up governance for a portfolio of projects, allowing resources to flow where they are needed.  The end result? It’s a flow of continuous improvement for your business, freeing you from needing to wait for one project to conclude before starting another.

Want more detail about our approaches and methodologies? Please give us a call or send us an email.