Blueprint for Innovation

Merriam Webster includes a definition for a blueprint as, “a detailed plan or program of action“. Collins defines a blueprint as, “an original plan or prototype that influences subsequent design or practice“. We offer a blueprint for innovation that meets both definitions, providing a clear way to act on your ideas that you can use to develop a culture of innovation in your organization. Innovation needs to be a creative endeavor so it would appear that a blueprint would restrict creativity, resulting in less innovation rather than more. Yet we have found that the opposite is true –innovation flourishes in

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Innovating the Experience Ecosystem

Delivering service, experience and social is the key to growth but requires engagement from customers, employees – every aspect of the business The Experience Ecosystem Challenge It’s a brave new world out there, where the companies that succeed are the ones that have grasped new models of designing and delivering customer value by the horns. Remember when it was easy, and all you had to do was create a single product for a local market? Customers didn’t have anywhere else to go so their choice was to buy your product or nothing at all, even if it was difficult to

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The Design of Innovation

How to lead the design, creation and adoption of human-centered operating models built to deliver innovation.   Purpose – Why are we doing this? Any journey starts with a destination, and innovation is no different.  Sometimes innovators know where they are going but the destination is fuzzy, and the “why” is not clear especially if the idea will disrupt the current business status quo.  Inceodia leads clients through a market and customer needs discovery process that informs creation of new business strategies and a vision for the future that is clearly tied to delivering unique customer value. Growth as a

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