Case Studies

Students Under-Served by Higher Education

Inceodia, and our partners at Innovation Catalyst Group, lead a large public land-grant university through our collaborative Adjacent Business Strategy program to discover new innovative business ideas that addressed the needs of unserved or underserved learner audiences. Innovation Catalyst Group (ICG)’s growth strategy methodology works with clients to prepare for innovation, explore ideas and converge on investment-grade innovation proposals for consideration. About the University The state’s largest public research university has 32,000 on campus students, plus another 35,000 online students around the world.  Their programs and research emphasize their legacy in technology, engineering and agriculture.  Launched 10 years ago, their online

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Government Strategic Communications Platform

Government Strategic Communications Platform engages communication teams to focus their efforts on measured audience impact About this Client This federal government agency has a mission to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans.  The public affairs (PA) office oversees public communications such as campaigns to help people quit smoking or information about disease outbreaks such as Ebola that are developed across the department to ensure consistent, on-target messaging. Executive Summary The agency had a publication process that focused program managers and reviewers on the wrong aspects of a communication product, things like the cost to print or

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Future Technology Roadmap

About this Client Our client’s platform division is builds the hardware platforms for consumer and business technology customers.  Traditionally, consumers would buy one less costly platform and businesses would buy another more expensive platform but these lines were blurring as the technology capabilities became closer to on-par.  To add to the confusion, the consumer technology group develops platforms for multiple product lines, starting with higher end business customers. Executive Summary The consumer group’s job was to stay ahead of the market, ensuring the competitiveness of their solutions far into the future.  Technology changes were happening faster and faster, making it challenging for the team to properly invest

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Addressing Scaleability of New Models of Care

About this Client Our client is a non-profit medical research organization that pioneers new and smarter technologies, policies, and practices to make high-quality healthcare more accessible at a lower cost to all Americans. Executive Summary Our client wanted to explore how they could invest in research that would have deeper impact.  Could they move beyond just studying healthcare and publishing papers on their results, and delve into designing potential solutions?  They discovered a geriatric practice that was testing a new Medicare payment model called Independence at Home (IAH).  The aim of IAH is to share savings stemming from keeping high cost frail,

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