Our Philosophy

Innovation is hard.  It involves people, and people are messy, unpredictable, ever changing.

Customers don’t wait for you to implement your innovative idea. If you’ve spent months, years implementing an idea, by the time you get there, the landscape will have changed, and their needs will have changed. To add insult to injury, many teams start with an idea instead of starting with an unserved customer need. By the time they get there, by the time their solution makes it into their customer’s hands, it doesn’t matter how cool their idea was, it will still fail.

Yet many organizations do this again and again, investing a lot of time and money into building new solutions that have failed long before they reach the hands of the people who needed them most. Their innovation efforts don’t serve their business or their customers.

There’s got to be a better way

Innovation = Solving Customer Problems

We’ll start with a definition: innovation is a new way of solving a problem, invention is a new concept, thing or idea looking for a problem to solve. Both are needed, but true invention is much rarer than innovation.

A culture of innovation builds an organization of problem solvers. These organizations focus on customer problems instead of solutions. They know that if they solve a wicked problem, their customers will find their solutions desirable, they will use them and come to depend on them. A customer problem solved well is a true innovation.

Innovation Blueprint

Our methodology provides innovators a blueprint to follow. Messy is ok if we have an efficient, effective path through that leads us to success on the other side.

Our blueprint allows you to explore yet sets boundaries so that we know when to dive deeper and when to try something else. Our blueprint works for internal innovation – improving internal operations, the way your company works. And it works for external innovation – expanding the set of problems you solve for your customers or solving the same problem for different customers. For our methodology, “customer” is who you are innovating for, whether that is someone in your organization or someone you serve.

A key component of our philosophy is iteration and continuous improvement. Instead of hitting on that lightbulb, that one big thing, we create something small that really, truly meets a customer need and grow from there.

Because innovation never sits still. Organizations that innovate well are always looking for ways to improve. They don’t sit back on what worked in the past; they leverage their strengths to build a better future. They know that to succeed, they need to keep the innovation accelerator on.

These innovators are our clients.