Our Work

At Inceodia, we believe that infinite possibilities for innovation emerge when organizations empower their greatest assets: their employees, partners and customers. Our goal is to foster innovation in the world, leading to delighted customers, engaged employees and agile companies poised for growth. Our mission guides how we work with clients and how we explore the world.

We believe in the collective power of individuals …

  • Empowered employees create value for their companies and their customers
  • Creativity dwells in each of us, waiting for an invitation to come out of hiding
  • Bringing big dreams to fruition requires a committed team investing their all
  • Working together shoulder-to-shoulder is more collaborative than being directed face-to-face

… to deliver innovation …

  • Value is created when we deliver experiences not products
  • The world needs more relationships and less transactions
  • Emotion and empathy are not scary but the root of connection and engagement
  • Innovation is less risky than doing nothing

… that makes a difference in the world.

  • Solving problems is more important than inventing solutions
  • Change happens with the right motivation, knowledge and skills
  • Daring greatly will yield more happiness than playing it safe

Business leaders trust Inceodia to develop game-changing innovation cultures that are good for their business, their customers and their industry. We are a sustainable business whose goals are aligned with the triple bottom line:

People – Gathering the best ideas. Catalyzing innovation. Empowering business evangelists to make their ideas real.

Planet – Designing solutions that matter. That create value. That make the world a better place.

Profit – Running a viable business. Reinvesting in our principles. Remaining on the cutting edge with industry knowledge, research and expertise to produce long term results.

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