Consulting Services

Inceodia is laser focused on empowering teams to deliver sustainable innovation.  We guide our clients to develop a deep connection to their customers.  Innovation is explored in the solutions our clients develop and in the ways they conduct business every single day.  We engage your entire organization in developing a design thinking strategy for creating and delivering human-centered experiences that meet customers’ needs, are simple to use and deliver delight. 

How can we help you build sustainable innovation?

We are teachers, setting our clients up for future success.  We are design thinkers, helping you to create a protocol for solving problems and discovering new opportunities in your business. We are change agents, using a framework that makes organizational change happen.  We are ethnographers, keen observers of our client’s customer behavior.  And we are lean process analysts, measuring and continuously improving the way you operate.  While our client base varies across industries our work has one common link – a passion for understanding customer needs and designing unique solutions that deliver sustained value.

Inceodia’s expertise is evident in the way we work with our customers:

  • Customer-centered approach – Inceodia partners with you to discover customer needs, explores innovative ways to meet those needs, and guides design of solutions.  We know how to listen carefully for unmet needs and build delightful experiences to meet those needs.
  • Design thinking approach – Inceodia helps you build a culture of customer problem solving in your organization.  We couple a bottoms-up organic discovery methodology with a tops-down strategic growth framework to help you prioritize opportunities and focus on the things that provide the most value to you and your customers.
  • Systems approach – Inceodia works with you to build repeatable processes that are designed for continuous improvement.  We use a system design approach, leveraging our background in software architecture, to create a flexible ecosystem that can grow with business needs.
  • Management approach – seeped in HP’s management culture, Inceodia operates collaboratively, inclusively, and with integrity and commitment to results.

At Inceodia we involve your entire organization in the strategic design of customer-centered solutions, processes and businesses.  For more information, take a look at our capability statement or read one of our case studies.  Contact us for a free consultation to explore your business needs for innovation.