Innovation Accelerator


Your business is poised to innovate. But how do you make it real? Inceodia helps you build a model for innovation within your company, allowing the best ideas to be explored for long-term viability. Quickly and cost-effectively… through our Innovation Accelerator.


customerdiscoveryCustomer Discovery

To separate the unexceptional ideas from those that deliver real value, we use a customer discovery process. Through a combination of internal and external interviews and observation of customers in their own environment we find pain points and problems that are not being addressed in the market.  Innovation efforts are laser focused here. Why is no one else addressing these issues?  Why does it make sense for us to address some but not others?

leanagileLean and Agile

To hone in on product-market fit, we focus on getting solutions into customer hands early and often.  We use lean startup methodology to iterate through build-measure-learn cycles, engaging customers to create solutions. And if we discover a customer pain point that is a better fit, we explore whether a pivot could provide value that your competitors can’t match.

designthinkingDesign Thinking

With every iteration the team will diverge to explore new (sometimes crazy) ideas and converge to hone in on solutions. The solution must alleviate pain points and deliver customer delight. Innovation efforts often get reduced to finding a minimal solution that loses sight of the big picture vision. We provide a framework that allows for a small prototype to be tested with the customer which then validates the need for the bigger picture solution.

changemanagementChange Management

Enabling innovation in an organization requires buy-in from different departments. We show you how to engage with the crucial stakeholders and supporters and invite them into the innovation process. Using a change management framework, stakeholders receive the motivation, tools and knowledge necessary for them to provide support. Sometimes this means bypassing overly bureaucratic processes or creating new lightweight processes.

innovationcatalystInnovation Catalyst

This is all about creating a culture of innovation – enabling the people, processes and platforms needed to ensure innovative ideas thrive.  We also create a governance model for innovation that helps you calculate the return-on-investment for innovation, focusing on the ideas that hold the most promise.



The Innovation Accelerator helps you build a business that is poised for sustainable innovation and growth.  We break down the barriers that are keeping your great ideas from reaching their full potential.  Specific benefits of the Innovation Accelerator include:

  • Your innovation investment is measured through customer data showing the impact and value delivered
  • Shift in culture occurs so that team members understand what is needed to make innovation happen successfully
  • Confidence is developed in the team’s ability to implement innovative ideas
  • As a corporate entrepreneur you now possess the framework and know-how to pitch stakeholders to buy in to your innovation projects
  • The processes needed to support innovation in your organization are established