Plumb Research Partnership

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Plumb Research Services brings a wealth of experience designing and conducting research with high needs populations. Their main areas of research have been in the fields of housing and homelessness, criminal justice, education and social services. They support agencies to increase equity and better serve their community and have partnered with community-based organizations like HomeSight and Denise Louie Education Center. Recent projects include a community needs assessment for local Head Start programs that included feedback sessions with caregivers and an evaluation of a program for Seattle Foundation providing services to divert individuals with mental health, substance abuse and developmental disabilities out of the criminal justice system. They have extensive experience from past positions surveying and interviewing individuals experiencing housing insecurity to better understand their needs and experiences with programs designed to support them in finding and/or maintaining stable housing. In addition, they have been involved in research and evaluation with a range of participants, including youth involved in the juvenile justice system, caregivers of magnet and charter school students and teen parents, to name a few. This experience has made them knowledgeable of services for low-income individuals and families in the area and given them an awareness of the unique circumstances individuals face in navigating systems and programs designed to support some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Case Studies

Seattle Foundation – Evaluation of Trueblood Diversion Program

Plumb Research Services partnered with the Seattle Foundation on a process evaluation of the first three phases of the Trueblood Diversion Program. The Trueblood Diversion Program funds services that divert individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse conditions, developmental disabilities or other cognitive impairs who have a history of court-ordered competency or restoration services, out of the criminal justice system. Over the first three phases, ten agencies were funded to provide services that are better designed to meet the needs of this population, such as mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment and housing support.

The evaluation incorporated qualitative and quantitative data collected from quarterly provider reports, site visits and interviews with the providers. Plumb Research Services provided three comprehensive evaluation reports and executive summaries for the funders and providers, and as a requirement of the Federal Court, that described the first year of implementation for each phase including the successes, challenges, and recommendations for improving the efficacy of the program.

HomeSight – Needs Assessment Data Profile

Plumb Research Services was contracted by HomeSight to create a comprehensive data profile of demographics in Southeast Seattle, including education, health outcomes, employment, income, housing and displacement, to help with planning for a new housing development. The development, Othello Square, will incorporate workforce housing and cultural services in one location as a community response to displacement in the area.

Denise Louie Education Center – Community Needs Assessment

Plumb Research Services, in collaboration with ConTEXT Evaluation, developed a Community Needs Assessment for Denise Louie Education Center and Seattle Public School Head Start programs. The Community Needs Assessment provided information on the demographics and identified needs of families in the service area to better inform program planning. This assessment utilized data from a variety of sources, including the American Community Survey, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and King County Public Health, as well as data collected from parent surveys and input sessions with parents and guardians in the community.

King County Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution – Mediation Workshop Assessment

Plumb Research Services designed a survey and analyzed and summarized data from a series of mediation workshops conducted by the King County Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The survey collected information on the demographics of participants, their knowledge of mediation and their interest in using mediation to resolve conflicts in their community. The information was submitted to the American Arbitration Association, International Centre for Dispute Resolution as part of their grant report.