Customer Centered Design


Really know how they think? What thrills them and what frustrates them? Many companies don’t. But to earn brand loyalty — and keep it — you need to deliver an incredible customer experience.  So the question is, how do you figure out what’s important to the customer?

Inceodia brings you a passion for understanding customer needs and works with you to design solutions that deliver sustained value. Through our unique design approach, Inceodia will help you create a customer focused business. We’ll take you through task-based observation of your users in their environment. You’ll determine unmet needs and pain points, and will develop new goals. We’ll provide frameworks and steps for refocusing your entire organization to meet those customer-centered goals.

 Imagine your happy customers when their needs are met at each and every touchpoint. Imagine what that means for employee engagement and the bottom line.


customerdiscoveryCustomer Discovery

We’ll work with you to create journey maps based on customer observation to capture emotional highs and lows of customers. What tasks are they performing? What does success mean for them in performing this task? What pain points or workarounds do they stumble on?

designthinkingDesign Thinking

We’ll use divergent and convergent exercises to design new service experiences based on customer discovery and operational process maps. We’ll explore new ideas for delighting the customer and expanding the business strategy into new market opportunities or new customer value propositions.

leanagileLean & Agile

Together we’ll map operational processes used to deliver customer experience, looking for waste. What are we doing that doesn’t serve the customer well? How are we keeping the customer experience consistent across the business?

innovationcatalystInnovation Catalyst

We teach teams how to explore new experience ideas that fit within the organization’s brand. Can you leverage your operational capabilities to innovate ways to deliver more value to your customers?

changemanagementChange Management

Together we’ll develop a change management framework to engage and empower employees. We develop the sandbox for employees to play in as they craft the experience they deliver to customers. We give them data and insights to determine whether their ideas work.


Your organization will delight customers with differentiated experiences. And you will possess the operational muscle to keep the customer at the center of your efforts going forward. Specifically, you’ll achieve:

• Differentiated solutions designed to uniquely meet customer needs
• Operational processes created to deliver branded experiences
• A business model that’s a good fit with what the customer wants to buy from you
• An organization poised to consistently improve customer experiences