Agile Operating Model


You know that it needs to be the right product delivered on time. How do you make this happen so that the customer is delighted with your solution? Inceodia brings you the Agile Operating Model.

The Agile Operating Model creates a process for capturing customer needs and transforming them into viable products through quick cycles of prototyping, refining and testing. While originally established for software development, Agile is now making its way into more mainstream projects such as service design and process improvement in functions like Human Resources and Operations. Inceodia helps your organization implement an Agile Operating Model – how to deliver the right product at the right time. Every time.


customerdiscoveryCustomer Discovery

In the first phase of Agile, customer discovery determines the main priorities of the project and is directly based on your user’s needs. This connection to customers provides a focus for your operations, and prevents projects from growing to encompass components that don’t add real value.

designthinkingDesign Thinking

Team members will use design methodologies to uncover new approaches and solutions.  This allows the team to explore new ideas while ensuring they fit within the priorities of the Agile minimum viable product.

innovationcatalystInnovation Catalyst

The power of Agile is getting everyone focused on solving a customer problem. With its bottom-up approach Agile fosters input from employees with boots on the ground – those closest to the project – who often come up with the best ideas. Leadership empowers the team to explore ideas for a solution while still maintaining control over how resources are allocated to the project.

changemanagementChange Management

In order for your new Agile Operating Model to stick, we help set the framework for an empowered team using a change management framework.  And we create a working model for project governance, ensuring a clear transparent process for the new way of work can be embraced by all.

leanagileLean and Agile

Agile focuses on getting a minimum viable product in customer hands as quickly as possible so that it can be refined to deliver true differentiated value. We will set up an Agile rhythm that includes prototyping and testing solutions with customers iteratively until the right solution is validated.


The Agile Operating Model delivers products to customers quickly. But even more importantly, it delivers the right products. Specific benefits of Agile include:

  • A better final solution than that of traditional project management
  • Elimination of scope creep — extraneous features are left out
  • Desired solution arrived at through buy-in and continuous feedback from customer
  • Strong employee ownership which enhances quality