Change Management

Change Management

We have never seen innovation without change.  And because change is hard, it is often approached with a short-term, get it done quick perspective.  Like pulling off a band-aide, it will hurt less if we change quickly, won’t it?  Yet this strategy only yields short term results. When the excitement fades, the team slides back into the old way of working, and no meaningful change takes place.

The old way must become more painful than the new way for change to happen

We approach change with a long-term, systematic approach.  We know that to be effective, change needs three components:

  1. A motivating vision,
  2. Skills to be successful in the new environment and
  3. Tools to make it easier than the old way.

We help you create this three-pronged strategy for organizational change, and provide a way to track progress so that you make small adjustments to stay on course.