Lead Like An Innovator!

An Agile team discovers new ideas for increased value as their project progresses.  In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to craft and communicate expected project outcome to ensure your success.
  • The key to higher project impact that most people miss.
  • How to engage stakeholders and your team right from the start of your project.

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topics Covered

Agile Project Planning

How to create a project plan that evolves as your team learns more about the problem space and solution space.

Stakeholder Engagement

Manage your stakeholder’s expectations with frequent focused communication, providing updates that reiterate the problem you are solving.

Testing and Validation

Involve your customer in your project and engage them to help create a good solution.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate effective team collaboration and engagement through frequent discussion and communication.

Take the Agile Leap

Have you been asked to lead a team but have no idea how to do it?  Do you want to ensure your project has the best outcome for your team and your customer?  Would you like to lead the exciting innovation projects instead of the boring administrative projects?  This is your chance to prove your leadership abilities AND learn how to successfully lead a team that innovates.

  • Learn how other business teams have used Agile to improve their project results.
  • Get tips and tools to help you start leading an Agile project team
  • Validate your project results and wow your stakeholders with proof of your impact

Author spotlight

I’ve spent over 20 years leading agile teams that solve healthcare challenges, cut through government red tape, help universities engage underserved students … and start amazing new businesses that make the world a better place.

Kristann Orton, Chief Innovator @ Inceodia

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