Innovation Consulting Services

Whether your organization needs support developing desirable products or services, designing operational processes that help you scale or a framework for continuous innovation, we believe that the customer should be at the center of your business. Our Innovation Consulting Services engage your entire organization to deliver an exceptional customer focused experience. One that meets customer needs, is easy to use and delivers delight.

We help our clients build a customer-centered operating model that is a launchpad for strategic growth.

The secret to customer-centered innovation is to look for the intersection between product desirability, operational feasibility and business viability. We offer a variety of services that address those requirements that can be delivered individually or as a package.

We help you discover your unique path to strategic innovation and growth through workshops, coaching, and shoulder-to-shoulder implementation. 

  • Workshops teach your team how to explore, assess, and collaborate around key customer insights
  • Coaching keeps you on track as you iterate through cycles of product desirability, operational feasibility and business viability
  • Implementation services insert key personnel into your team to ensure the project is successful and at the same time, engaging your team members as apprentices to build core skills for future innovation success

These services can be purchased individually or packaged together.  Here are some of our most popular packages:

Customer Centered Design – research your customer needs, co-design solutions and build scalable experiences

Agile Operating Model – build your innovation system using Agile principles that integrate customer feedback into your operations

Innovation Accelerator – engage employees in customer-centered innovation

Why Inceodia?

  1. Customer-Centered – We know how to listen carefully for unmet needs and build delightful experiences to meet those needs. We guide you in developing these skills throughout your organization.
  2. Systems Design – Inceodia builds repeatable processes that are designed for continuous improvement. We use a system design approach, leveraging our background in software engineering, to create a flexible ecosystem that grows with business needs.
  3. Implementation Partner – Coming up with great solutions is important but implementing those solutions is essential. We understand that executing on ideas is paramount and we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make that happen.
  4. Management by Walking Around – Steeped in Hewlett Packard’s management culture, Inceodia operates with your team collaboratively, inclusively and with integrity and commitment to results.

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